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Cream of Pumpkin Soup
Product code: 81274
Price: Price 320.00
Brand/Seller: Morarka Organic Foods Limited
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Coconut cream and simple seasoning of black pepper and nutmeg allow the pumpkin to predominate .It is sweet, aromatic, hearty and nutritious soup. From folk lore to fairy tales, pumpkin has been a part of popular culinary tradition across the world. In parts of Europe, a housewife’s culinary skills were the pumpkin soup she made. We’ve made this soup the traditional way, added selected organic ingredients, spices and herbs to suit the palate of people from all parts of the world. Pumpkin soup has been popular for long time but it is still popular as thanks giving dish in United States. Pumpkin is naturally sweet and creamy, juicy making a creamy and buttery soup and give it a sweet, smooth and rich flavor. Pumpkin soup is warming and satisfying. It is a nice change from more traditional soup recipes and made from puree of pumpkin. The ginger gives a spicy sweet undertone to the traditional seasonal recipe. Pumpkin soup can be served as an appetizer before the main meal. The natural sweetness of pumpkin appeals to kids and adults. It is also healthful because it contains care takers, Xanthippe and lute in which neutralizes free radicals. The color of soup is appetizing and the subtle flavor blends well with other vegetable having full and creamy texture. 

Nutrition Facts per 100 MiliLiter(s)*

Calories : 62 kcal

Calories from Fat :- 26.0

Total Fat

2.88 Gram(s)


0.00 Miligram(s)


171.00 Miligram(s)

Total Carbohydrates

8.33 Gram(s)

Dietary Fiber

0.34 Gram(s)


3.40 Gram(s)


0.70 Gram(s)

Vitamin A

62.34 %(s)


1.88 %(s)

Vitamin C

8.31 %(s)


3.55 %(s)

*(approx value) 
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Organic Certification: OneCert Asia Agri Certification(P) Ltd.

As per NPOP (Govt. of India) 


I must say Exoticabazaar is the best gift for the Indians who are living outside India.

Raj Tyagi,
CTO,Systems America.

The Sweets and Namkeens offered at Exotica Bazaar are not only delicious but pure & of quality served for customers at an affordable price. I personally like their pattern of delivering ordered stuffs. All what matters for me is service with quality and that's what is being offered at Exotica Bazaar.

Lokesh Bararia,
Chartered Accountant.

I am satisfied with the services of exoticabazaar as I celebrated my father's birthday in Ahmedabad by sitting far away from India.

Vishal Gupta,
VP Homecare - HUL, Indonesia.

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