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Mirror NP
Product code: NP
Price: Price 12500.00
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Importance of Aranmula Mirror:

There is a great difference between ordinary mirrors, there is a silver nitrate coating which reflect the light and thus present the image of the object. There is no silver coating on the metallic mirror. When you touch a piece of paper on the surface of an ordinary mirror, there appears a gap between the object and the image, where in the Aranmula Metal Mirror, there is a point touching of two images and exists no gap between the images.


The mirror is made out of a metal called bronze which is a mixture of copper and tin. The scientific name for a mixture of metal is “alloy”. The mirror was made by beating a lump of bronze until it was as thin as a sheet of cardboard. Then it was polished to make it shiny enough to reflect the light back from your face. This remarkable artifact is estimated to be around 8000 years old, Ankara, Museum of Anatolian civilization. 


This mirror is a handmade metal-alloy mirror, unlike the normal ‘silvered’ glass mirrors. To know the quality of reflection on an Aranmula metal mirror, the following example would be sufficient. When you touch a piece of paper on the surface of an ordinary mirror, a gap remains between the paper and the image produced. But, in case of the Aranmula Metal Mirror, there will be no gap between the image and the object. This indicates the fact that only a real, distortion-free image is produced.


If someone by mistake touches the mirror, his fingerprint can be seen on the surface. There is a prescribed method to wipe the mirror to remove finger stains and other marks on it. The wiping movement is restricted to a particular direction and not in all. This can cleaned off only if you rub with cotton or velvet cloth smoothly on the surface of the mirror within five minutes in vertical direction and if it is not properly cleaned then sprinkle a bit of the powder on the mirror hold it in a slanting poison allowing the dust and other particles rubbed off from the reflective surface. Even then if it does not disappear, pour two drops of coconut oil on the surface of the mirror and kept it for 5-10 minutes and then rub it with cotton or velvet cloth in a vertical direction. The mirror should be cleaned once in two weeks.




I must say Exoticabazaar is the best gift for the Indians who are living outside India.

Raj Tyagi,
CTO,Systems America.

The Sweets and Namkeens offered at Exotica Bazaar are not only delicious but pure & of quality served for customers at an affordable price. I personally like their pattern of delivering ordered stuffs. All what matters for me is service with quality and that's what is being offered at Exotica Bazaar.

Lokesh Bararia,
Chartered Accountant.

I am satisfied with the services of exoticabazaar as I celebrated my father's birthday in Ahmedabad by sitting far away from India.

Vishal Gupta,
VP Homecare - HUL, Indonesia.

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